About us

We are the union of a group of high quality food distribution professionals

Sabor Continental is a company dedicated to the distribution and sale of oriental and Spanish food products. It has a wide range of top brand products with all the necessary certificates and requirements.

High quality products

Our company is characterized by having high quality products, good prices and good service.

The idea of ​​distributing oriental food products in Spain was caused by the high demand of being able to bring Oriental and Spanish Gastronomy closer to all our clients from Scandinavia and Spain. The experience in the sector supports us.


Association and cooperation

One of our most important objectives and foundations of our work is to establish a relationship of partnership and cooperation with our agents and clients to provide the best services and products to the consumer in the best way and at competitive prices.

Food safety

Food security is paramount. It is our highest concern. We meet all the regulatory requirements to certify the quality of food.

All our products are certified and approved.

Commercial Distribution Network

Our sales representatives are experts in satisfying the multiple demands of our clients. Direct and personal attention.

The organization of the specialized sales team allows us to develop 12 routes in the province of Malaga and we ensure that our clients are served. And our deliveries of orders are made the day after the visit of the commercial team, in a time and manner previously agreed.

This is our goal: that your business is always well-stocked with high-quality products.

Personalized attention

We like to meet our clients. And we do it because we can reach them through a commercial team that is dedicated to advising all clients.

We are perfect connoisseurs of the specific needs of our clients. Our attention is always personalized.


Leading Brands

Quality is achieved with 100% customer satisfaction. Because we always bet on the product that offers the highest quality.
Our portfolio consists of leading products in its category.


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